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The Community Centre!

Hello & Welcome to The Community Centre! I’m the writer and creator of this brand new, multi-ethnic situation comedy. I set out to write a show that gives ethnic minority actors a chance to shine, a chance to show what we can do in major roles.

With a great track record at the theatre, The Community Centre is ready to take the next step. It’s an original, diverse, feel-good, exciting TV show in the making. It's a Laugh-out-loud comedy that's all about community chaos! The Community Centre rocks; it’s alive with loud voices, raucous laughter and the bang of dominoes slamming onto tables. Calypso music permeates the atmosphere, it’s a hub of activity... some of it passing, now and then, as almost normal......

The UK has a wide variety of music , food and drink from different cultures but very little diversity in their TV programmes. Please, help us change that, let’s watch something that shows community cohesion, not community catastrophe. For a change, let’s watch comic and romantic interaction of different cultures – we almost never see that on TV!

So what’s it about? It’s about the day to day life of a local community hub, full of hilarious stories about the people who run it and the people who go there. Think of Desmond's combined with One flew over the Cuckoo’s nest with a hint of Fawlty Towers all set in a community centre. We need to make a pilot which is funny, dynamic, eye-catching and above all professional. We need to make TV companies want to commission this show.

We’ve got a great director on board. We’ve got a great cast. We’ve got a great production team in place. All we need is the funding. The script is tried and tested, we had wonderful comments from our audiences after the theatre show. The reviewers loved it. And we have you, you glorious people. We need your help to make The Community Centre into a TV show that promotes diversity, inclusion and racial harmony. Please follow this link and take a look at our journey & also the website. We really need Sponsors! God bless you, with God’s help we will succeed!

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